Walk Aways
This report provides information about kiosk sessions that were abandoned by the user prior to completion of a selected activity, such as the type of activity initiated by the user, the date and duration of the session and other types of information.
Report data
Name, Phone and Email - Contact information is presented if the user provided identifying information prior to abandoning the session.
Type - The activity in which the walk-away user was engaged. Possible values, which can vary based on kiosk type and configuration settings, include the following:
Autopay - The user initiated the process to set up autopay before abandoning the session.
Login - The user selected the Existing Customer option but failed to submit the necessary login information before abandoning the session.
Merchandise - The user initiated the process to purchase merchandise, such as a lock, that was available at the kiosk.
Move In - The user initiated the process for a new rental before abandoning the session.
Payment - The user started the payment submittal process before abandoning the session.
Transfer - A user with multiple units was engaged in a process that focused on one unit, initiated the process to switch to a different unit but failed to provide the necessary information.
Reservation Completion - The user initiated the process to complete a reservation that they had previously secured by contacting the Call Center.
Duration - Length of the kiosk session in Hour:Minute:Seconds format.
Start Date and End Date - The date and time of day that the session began and ended.
NOTE: Date/Time values are based on the current facility time zone.
IReplay - If the kiosk is equipped with video capabilities, an iReplay link allows report users to view a recording of the user at the kiosk. The replay is presented in split-screen format with a representation of the kiosk keyboard and inputs provided by the user. This information is potentially useful in identifying the point at which a user encountered problems. For example, repeated input of different entries in the unit number field can be an indication that the user was unable recall the number.