INSOMNIAC Live! reports : Kiosk Assistance report
Kiosk Assistance report
When facility kiosks are configured to use the Live! Megan Plus service, kiosk users have the ability to call a storage counselor session for assistance. For this type of contact, the Kiosk Assistance report displays the following information:
Caller Name - If the caller does not provide a name, the default first and last name values specified in the system Live Settings are displayed.
Agent - Storage Counselor who handled the contact, or Virtual Agent, if the call arrived after call center hours and went to voicemail.
Tenant Phone - A number is displayed if the call is handled by a storage counselor and the caller is an existing tenant.
Call Time - Date/time the call was received, based on the facility time zone.
Type - The call category, either assigned by counselors who handle assistance calls or automatically assigned if the call arrived after hours and went to voicemail. Call Type categories, which typically includes things such as Payment, Inquiry, No Caller, VoiceMail - After Hours and so forth, can be configured to meet facility requirements.
Call Notation - Summary information that storage counselors enter during call wrap-up.
Call Recording - Click the audio icon to listen to the recording made for the contact.